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A comedy RPG about a terrible little goblin that refuses to leave the residents of Potionville alone until someone spanks it incredibly well.

Grind, explore, and collect items to get your spank damage as high as possible in this JRPG. Inspired by the Smash Bros. hi-score contest and the fact that we thought it would be funny to spank a goblin.

An entry in the August 2021 Summer Slow Jam (Cliffhanger).

The current build is in progress & incomplete for the purposes of submitting to the jam. Anticipate future updates with the game's full progression, art, script, music, sfx, and more ways to celebrate your spanking prowess!

Jeff Cline - Music & Sounds
Marlowe Dobbe - Art & Animation
Will Lewis - Design & Implementation
Ben Morgan - Writing


SPankRPG_Showcase.zip 377 MB


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This was cute and the artwork is great - hope you'll consider finishing this!